Choose Your Faction

by Bran

Choose Your Faction

In New World, shortly after arriving at the first settlement, players will be introduced  to the societies of Aeternum. Each of which have their own ideals and plans for control of the Island. The player will be offered a choice, Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant. These are the Factions of New World. Who will the player aid in the race of arms and war against the opposition? Choose wisely, because once the choice is made, the faction cannot be changed for 120 days.

Within the factions, players may choose to band together ‘Companies’(guild), within those companies a governor(leader) will be chosen.

Companies within the Factions will work together against the opposing factions to gain control of Settlements, and Territories in Aeternum, this is done through war. When controlling a Territory, the governor of the company is tasked with the rate of taxes, and the settlement upgrades that will be implemented first.

The Marauders

“Living examples of the credo ‘might makes right,’ the Marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength and determination to stake a claim can do so.”

For those players concerned with aesthetics, the Marauders represent their faction with a green color scheme.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate “Working in the shadows and dealing with secrets, members of the Syndicate use their boundless guile and intellect in pursuit of forbidden knowledge.”

For those players concerned with aesthetics, the Syndicate represents their faction with a purple color scheme.

The Covenant

The Covenant “Divine champions who are driven by conviction and their faith in the light of the Spark, the Covenant fights with righteousness and justice for the struggling souls of all living things.”

For those players concerned with aesthetics, the Covenant represent their faction with a yellow color scheme.

Advancing Within Your Faction

Each Faction has Faction Quartermasters located in every major city. These representatives will provide players with Faction Missions, Faction Quests to increase their Faction Rank, and spend Faction Tokens to buy their Faction Gear.

Faction Missions

Once a player has completed their respective introductory missions, they will be able to select a faction to align with. Once the player has joined a Faction, the player will immediately have access to Faction Missions. Faction Missions are PvE and PvP quests that reward the player with experience, Faction Reputation, and Faction Tokens. Within each territory, a player will be able to acquire 6Faction Missions at a time. Three quests offered to the player will be PvE missions, usually tasking the player to eliminate monsters, or collect valuable resources for the faction, and three quests will be PvP focused, l requiring the player to flag for PvP to complete. While carrying PvP missions, the player will not be able to fast travel or recall to their inn.. The player will also abandon any and all PvP Faction Missions upon death. This mechanic will incentivize players to complete the PvP missions assigned and get back to the settlement in one piece. 

Faction Reputation

As the player completes Faction Missions, the player will accrue Faction Reputation. In order to climb the ranks of a specific faction, a certain amount of notoriety or faction reputation must be acquired. As faction reputation is obtained, it will begin to fill a  Faction Reputation bar. Once this reputation bar has filled and a player has reached a specific character level, the player will be offered a faction quest. When a faction quest is completed  it will increase the level and affiliation that a player has with their specific faction. There are 5 reputation ranks within each faction. Ascending the Faction ranks is important if a player wants to be eligible to  buy higher level Faction Gear, consumables and more.

Faction Tokens

Faction Tokens are rewarded to a player when they complete faction missions and quests. These tokens act as a resource that can be used to buy ammunition, potions, crafting materials, and more. The largest ticket items within the faction shop are pieces of Faction Gear. The first pieces of Faction Gear can be purchased at level 15 and as a player climbs the ranks within their specific faction and progresses their character level, they will be offered more powerful sets of gear. The final set of faction gear has a requirement of level 60, the maximum level for a character in New World.