Personal Storage System Guide


Storage in New World is the system players use to store their items. All storage sheds are personal and can only be accessed by the player. Storage sheds can be found in every settlement in Aeternum and are indicated by a chest icon on the map. Storage sheds are not accessible anywhere in the world – rather, they can only be accessed at the actual shed while in the specific settlement the storage shed is located. There are a few things to take note of concerning storage sheds and they are as follows:

Storage Weight Limit and How To Increase It


Storage sheds are limited by weight instead of amount of items and every storage shed begins with the same weight capacity of 1000 pounds. There are two ways that storage shed weight capacity can be increased. The first way to increase storage space is by picking the specific territory standing bonus that increases storage shed weight. The default increase of ths storage shed territory standing bonus is 25 and increases with diminishing returns. Keep in mind that the territory bonuses (including the storage shed weight increase) is only applicable in the territory it was received.

The second way to increase the weight limit of a storage shed is by obtaining storage chests. Storage chests are crafted items that, when placed in the player’s respective home, increase the weight limit of their storage shed in that territory. Like the territory standing bonus, these storage chests increase the weight of the storage shed ONLY in that specific territory. Because a player can only own three houses total, it is very important to think about where a player wants their house before buying the first one they come across. The first craftable storage chest, Hewn Log Storage Chest, increases the weight limit of their storage shed by 200. The greatest craftable storage chest, Golden Steel Storage Chest, increases the weight limit of their storage shed by 500. These storage chests will become popular very quickly upon release so it is recommended that, if a player is interested in Furnishing, to take advantage of that and sell some on the Trading Post. These storage chests also allow access to the storage shed inventory in that settlement, making it easier for players to access storage while in their home.

Linked Storage Sheds

Although you can’t access and move items from a storage shed unless the player is in the specific settlement, transferring items from one storage shed to another is a possible option. Any two settlements in a territory controlled by the same faction (i.e., Syndicate) have their storage sheds linked, meaning a player in the controlled faction may transfer items from one storage shed to the other for a small coin fee. Moving items from one storage shed to another can be a very time-consuming task because of the player’s small weight limit, incentivizing the control of territories. If a player is trying to move items a very long distance from one territory to another, it is recommended that the player keeps track of the closest territory to their desired location that is owned by their faction. For example, if a player wants to move items from the First Light settlement (owned by Syndicate) to the Brightwood settlement (owned by Marauders), look at the surrounding territories of Brightwood owned by Syndicate and transfer their items there before making the journey.


A player’s storage shed will fill up very quickly, especially if gathering and crafting is of high priority. Keep in mind that all storage sheds are viewable from anywhere in their world so the player can keep track of what is where. Although the weight limit default is 1000, this limit can be increased fairly quickly and can even get up to a weight limit of almost 2000.