1-60 New World Premium Leveling Guide


We have tended and cared for this project since the day we started. This guide is about ensuring a good experience for New World players when leveling all the way towards level 60 – we are both incredibly passionate about it and have committed countless hours into the guide, day-in and day-out. We are devoted to keeping our community up to date with changes to the game that may affect the leveling guide and will make changes accordingly. Both Studeee and myself will be using this guide to level on launch because of the confidence that we have for the project, and we are excited for you all to experience it with us.

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Co-Writer of Interactive Leveling Guide
Co-Writer of Interactive Leveling Guide

Greetings fellow New Worlder, and welcome to the NWHUB New World Leveling Guide. This leveling guide is written by Bretty and Studeee – we are both highly experienced New World players and have been playing since Spring of 2020 and have been committed to the game ever since. We have both participated in the many different versions and clients of the game since then, including the Preview Week, Alphas, Closed Beta, and the most recent Open Beta, clocking 1000+ hours of playtime. Only recently, however, have we committed to creating a very efficient, reliable, and ONLY New World Leveling Guide.

This guide isn’t just a step-by-step process of completing quests throughout the game, but includes features that you will only find in this guide. A detailed map is included in the guide to ensure that you will never got lost while making your way through Aeternum. This guide includes, but is not limited to, harvesting node coordinates on long distance go-to steps, high-density grind spots, discovering spirit shrines for faster travel later, and tips & hints for quests.

We made sure that this guide will ensure that you will never find yourself going to the same location to a different quest multiple times, but instead have multiple quests for a single location. As players of the game ourselves, we know the frustration of feeling “stuck” at certain points of the leveling experience due to the lack of side quests. Because of this, we have made sure that players will never feel stuck while using our Leveling Guide. The route that this guide will take you on is highly efficient and works with any weapon combo and build.

Database Integration

Our Leveling Guide is integrated with the best New World Database in the world, nwdb.info. Enjoy full tooltip integration from items, spells, locations, NPCs and more.

Modern & Responsive

Our Browser Based Leveling Experience is easy to use and responsive on both PC and Mobile.

Get Ahead

Our Guide will help you fully complete the Main Questline of your character as well as get you your max rank Azoth Staff. Blaze past the competition with confidence!

Trusted Experts

Our leveling guide is authored primarily by Bretty & Studeee – two trusted figureheads of the emerging New World Community.  Countless hours have been put in to ensure you get the highest quality product on the market.