Repair & Salvage Gear Guide

by Bran


The repair & salvage system is quite simple. Items in New World have fixed durability’s, and with the wear & tear of battle, as well as usage of these items, the durability will diminish. Items such as Armor, Weapons, and Tools will all require upkeep on the durability of the item, the more frequently the player uses the item, the faster the durability will diminish. When the durability of the item becomes low, the player will use repair parts and coins, or Master Repair Kit, to restore the durability of these items. To acquire the required repair parts needed, the player will salvage unwanted items. It must be noted, if the player wishes to avoid the accidental ‘oops’ of salvaging an important item, there is a ‘locking’ system in place in the game.

Salvaging, Repairing, & Locking



(default S + left mouse button)

Dismantling unwanted items from your inventory, generating repair parts and coins, the player will salvage each item individually.

Repair Parts

Gained when salvaging items from your inventory. There is a cap of 2000 repair parts.


(default R + left mouse button)

Using repair parts and coins, the player may repair items individually, or ‘Repair All’  located underneath the player’s health bar inside of  the inventory, allowing the player to repair all of the currently equipped items.


(default L + left mouse button)

In order to avoid accidental salvaging of items the player wishes to keep, New World has implemented a ‘locking’ system. This will allow the player to lock any item, making it impossible to salvage that item until it is unlocked.

Repair Kits

In addition to the repair parts system, there is another repairing system in the game, repair kits. These kits may be crafted at the Forge, Outfitter, and the Workshop. These repair kits will fully restore the durability of items. The tier of the repair kit determines the tier of gear the kit is able to repair.

Basic Repair Kit

 Standard Repair Kit

Advanced Repair Kit

Expert Repair Kit

Master Repair Kit

A unique use for the repair kits is increased storage of additional repair parts. As the cap for repair parts is currently 2000. The player may craft repair kits, which require repair parts as an ingredient for craft, allowing the player to have an additional item used for repairing gear. This will obviously bring the player’s repair parts down from the capped 2000, allowing the player to continue generating additional repair parts after crafting the Repair Kit.


In New World, there will be an ebb and flow of salvaging unwanted items, repairing the items the player is using, and locking the items the player does not wish to salvage. Knowing these systems is vital to the everyday life of any New World player.