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“In the deepest abyss, the familiar face of calamity abides below”

Expedition Location

North Restless Shore

Expedition Information

Monster Type: The Corrupted

Recommended Level: 45+

Required: 3 Azoth Staffs

Dungeon Quests

Loot Drops

All monsters and bosses in The Depths have a chance of dropping the following loot:

Tuning Orb

The Depths Tuning Orb requires the following materials:


  • Stonecutting Skill Lv. 55
  • Stonecutting Table Tier 4


Archdeacon Azamela

Deals Strike and Corruption damage

Weak to:

  • Thrust damage – 20% more effective
  • Arcane damage – 30% more effective
  • Nature damage – 15% more effective

Resistant to:

  • Strike damage – 15% less effective
  • Ice damage – 40% less effective


  1. Summon Hounds – Archdeacon Azamela summons 2 hounds to fight for him
  2. Corrupted Barrage – Archdeacon Azamela shoots a barrage of corrupted orbs at a target
  3. Manifestation of Corruption – Archdeacon Azamela summons a manifestation of corruption from the ground, dealing medium damage to anyone inside
  4. Summon Mines – Archdeacon Azamela sprints to the middle of the arena, becomes invulnerable, and summons an indefinite number of corrupted mines that deal damage if not destroyed

As soon as the encounter with Archdeacon Azamela has begun, he will summon 2 hounds to fight alongside him. These are high priority and should be killed quickly. They are low health, so the tank should hold aggro of Azamela while the DPS take care of the hounds. Keep an eye out for Manifestation of Corruption, it has a large surface area of impact and deals moderate damage. The healer needs to pay attention to who is targeted by Azamela’s Corrupted Barrage ability, as that player will take loads of damage quickly.

At x amount of health, Archdeacon Azamela will run to the middle of the arena, become invulnerable, and begin summoning corrupted mines. A portion of the party will need to stay on the main floor of the arena and destroy these mines, while the other portion of the party will need to take the teleporter(s) located on either side of the arena (right and left). Take the portal, kill the corrupted cultists on the platform, and destroy the corrupted monolith (azoth staff required). This will automatically teleport the player(s) back to the main floor of the arena. Rinse and repeat.


Commander Thorpe

Deals Thrust, Slash, and Fire damage

Weak to:

  • Thrust – 20% more effective
  • Arcane – 30% more effective
  • Nature – 15% more effective

Resistant to:

  • Strike damage – 15% less effective
  • Ice damage – 40% less effective


  1. Corrupted Leap – Commander Thorpe charges his sword, and leaps toward a target
  2. The Force of Corruption – Commander Thorpe pulls targets in a frontal cone and strikes downwards
  3. Summon Corrupted Behemoths – Commander Thorpe leaps into the air and summons 2 corrupted behemoths to fight alongside him
  4. Behemoth Landslide – The behemoths summon a ball of corruption and sends it forward
  5. Corrupted Laser – Commander Thorpe sticks his hand forward and sends out a laser around the room
  6. Mass Destruction – Commander Thorpe charges the power of corruption, causing an explosion around him
  7. Ring of Fire – Commander Thorpe summons a circle of fire at a targeted location, dealing damage to players hit by the rim

Phase 1 – In phase 1, Commander Thorpe will cast a number of abilities, including Corrupted Leap, The Force of Corruption, Mass Destruction, and Ring of Fire. All of these abilities deal high amounts of damage and should be avoided. All players can focus on the boss, no adds are summoned until the second phase. 

Phase 2 – In phase 2, Commander Thorpe casts Summon Corrupted Behemoths. He leaps into the ground and is untargetable for a short duration. These orges need to be killed quickly and are very high priority. He may cast Corrupted Laser directly after, so keep an eye out of that. Kill the ogres first, then turn focus back onto Thorpe. Again, keep an eye out for the number of abilities that Commander Thorpe casts. Rinse and repeat.