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How To Craft Arrows & Cartridges

There are two weapons in New World that require projectiles: Bow and Musket. The Bow requires arrows and the Musket requires cartridges, both of which are crafted at the Workshop found in a settlement. Both kinds of projectiles can be found in supply crates throughout Aeternum but it is highly recommended that they are crafted with the required crafting materials. This guide will explain to the player how to craft arrows and cartridges as well as the different kinds of projectiles that can be crafted.

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Bow Leveling Build

The bow is a high single target damage weapon capable of annihilating many enemies in a single charged heavy shot when only a few isolated passives have been acquired. With abilities like Evade Shot, Rapid Shot, and Penetrating Shot, the bow becomes capable of destroying many enemies in quick fashion. Although the bow lacks hard crowd control abilities, its sheer power

BowPvP Builds

Bow PvP Guide

The bow in New World is an incredibly powerful ranged weapon, capable of some of the highest damage per second in the game. In PvP, the bow is exceptionally difficult to pilot because of the chaotic nature of player versus player encounters and the fact that arrows are affected by gravity and are on a projectile system rather than a hit scan system like the musket. Although difficult to wield, players will find the power level of the bow to be worth the practice.