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Fire Staff Leveling Build

The fire staff is a great weapon to use for leveling due to its hard-hitting long-ranged auto attacks, significant AoE potential, and mana management. Although the abilities that are taken in this build do not provide any crowd control, the raw damage output that the fire staff brings is enough to make up for it. Passives like Spell Focus (1) and Flare (5) are both acquired by level 5 mastery with the fire staff, and provide for unlimited damage output and no mana management needed due to heavy attacks no longer causing mana.

Fire StaffPvP Builds

Fire Staff PvP Guide

The Fire Staff in New World is notorious for being the hardest hitting weapon in the game, with a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Abilities like Incinerate and Burn Out put the player in a vulnerable state, but if used correctly, will reign destruction upon the enemy. The Fire Staff grows significantly stronger with each point of intelligence, yet is very capable of doing high damage when used as a secondary.