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Ice Gauntlet Leveling Build

The ice gauntlet is a great weapon to use for leveling due to its efficiency, high damage in the form of AoE and single target, and slowing and crowd control capabilities. All three abilities taken in this build affect multiple targets and have great value for any situation that the user might find themselves in. Ice Storm (2) for top notch AoE damage that scales from Punishing Storm (8), Ice Shower (4) for slows and great synergy with stand-alone passives, and Entombed (5) for mana management and safety. This build becomes powerful early on because all three primary abilities are taken by weapon mastery level 5, and you’ll see why.

Ice GauntletPvP Builds

Ice Gauntlet PvP Guide

The Ice Gauntlet in New World is the most oppressive and versatile weapon in the game, excelling in area of effect damage, crowd control, and utility. The sheer damage that Ice Storm brings alone is enough to stop a player in their tracks, especially when correctly lined up with the Heavy Freeze and Critical Frost passives. The Ice Gauntlet is a behemoth of a weapon in not only 50v50 instanced wars, but small and large-scale open world PvP.