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How To Craft Arrows & Cartridges

There are two weapons in New World that require projectiles: Bow and Musket. The Bow requires arrows and the Musket requires cartridges, both of which are crafted at the Workshop found in a settlement. Both kinds of projectiles can be found in supply crates throughout Aeternum but it is highly recommended that they are crafted with the required crafting materials. This guide will explain to the player how to craft arrows and cartridges as well as the different kinds of projectiles that can be crafted.

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Musket Leveling Build

New World MMO’s musket has the potential to deal a large amount of single-target damage from long distance. With its lethal headshot damage and increased damage from long-range, the musket requires a specific playstyle and approach. Once you unlock Shooter’s Stance (3) and Heightened Precision (10), the muskets potential damage output increases exponentially. While leveling with this build, it is important to try and deal as much damage to your enemy before they get close to you. Successfully doing this will greatly decrease the chance you ever take damage.

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Musket PvP Guide

New World MMO’s musket is a weapon that, when used correctly in certain scenarios, can be very deadly. Although CC is powerful in PvP, the musket provides underwhelming CC but makes up for it with incredibly high long-range damage. This build will provide you with the abilities and playstyle to be most efficient with the musket in every form of PvP, with emphasis on large scale combat.