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Spear Leveling Build

New World MMO’s spear provides high damage while leveling through its Bleeds, Rend, and ability cooldown reduction. The final passive in the Impaler tree, Exploited Weakness, will be the focal point of this build, as it will be your major damage buff and works incredibly well with the abilities and passives we will be taking. Leveling with the spear feels very fluid and you quickly unlock a strong potential through Aggressive Maneuvers (7) and Perforate (2).

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Spear PvP Guide

New World MMO’s spear is one of the most unique 2-handed weapons, excelling in both medium-range combat and gap-closing capability. With its high CC potential and burst-damage output, this spear build proves viable in all forms of PvP combat, but specializing in 1v1 duels and open world scenarios.