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Greataxe Leveling Build

The greataxe is a great weapon to use for leveling due to its wide cleaving light attacks, hard hitting abilities, and use of the ability Charge to move around Aeternum quickly. Although the greataxe has little to no crowd control, the damage and healing that the weapon provides through Reap (3) and Execute (4) will allow greataxe players to work through most content easily, with or without teammates.

GreataxePvP Builds

Greataxe PvP Guide

The Greataxe in New World performs very well in PvP due to its high functioning abilities like Charge, Gravity Well, Reap, and Execute. Although it doesn’t have much of a crowd control tool kit, the greataxe makes up for what it lacks with high damage potential and survivability mechanics such as the Hunger passive under Reap. Choose the greataxe if you want a hard hitting and visceral melee PvP experience.