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Weapon Skill Tree Breakdown

Every weapon in New World has two skill trees that possess 3 active abilities and 16 passive abilities. As a player levels up a weapon, they unlock skill points that can be distributed into an active or passive ability – but there is a caveat. In order to unlock an ability or passive in the 2nd or onward row, the player must have first selected an ability or passive in the previous row. For example, if a player wants to obtain the Ice Storm ability in the Ice Tempest tree of the Ice Gauntlet, they must first select the ability or one of the two passives in the first row (Cold Reach, Ice Spikes, Critical Rejuvenation). These abilities and passives forge the playstyle for every player in New World and all weapons will grant access to unique abilities and passives.


Repair & Salvage Gear Guide

The repair & salvage system is quite simple. Items in New World have fixed durabilities, and with the wear & tear of battle, as well as usage of these items, the durability will diminish. Items such as Armor, Weapons, and Tools will all require upkeep on the durability of the item, the more frequently you use the item, the faster the durability will diminish. When the durability of the items becomes low, the player will use repair parts and coins, or Master Repair Kit, to restore the durability of these items. To acquire the required repair parts needed, the player will salvage unwanted items. It must be noted, if the player wishes to avoid the accidental ‘oops’ of salvaging an important item, there is a ‘locking’ system in place in the game.

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Weapons and Armor Gem Perks Guide

Once you complete the tutorial to New World, you’ll eventually make your way to the nearest friendly settlement. As part of the main quest chain within the settlement, you’ll encounter the New World’s three factions: The Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate.

The Covenant is the religious inquisition, with its followers dedicated to the Spark. It is basically a faction full of Catholics since the game is based on the European Age of Exploration. You can tell them apart from the other factions due to more zealous attire, church-related buildings, and their distinctive orange color scheme.

If you’re more into strength conquest and martial attitudes, then the Marauders are your faction. These muscular maniacs believe that Aeternum is a land worth fighting for, and only those strong enough will claim it. You can distinguish them from the other factions through their green color scheme and strong visual connection to the Spanish Conquistadors.

Lastly, we have the Syndicate, a band of mystics and scholars. The Syndicate is dedicated to pursuing truth and knowledge, dressed up in plague doctor or monkish attire. Their preferred colour scheme is purple.

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Fast Travel & Recall Guide

The world of Aeternum is expansive and it takes a decent amount of time to get around. Although running will be the main way to travel the world, especially in the early game, there are a few ways to fast travel, decreasing the amount of time spent to travel around. Fast travel is a form of teleportation that will immediately transport the player’s character to the desired location. The forms of fast travel are as follows:

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Personal Storage System Guide

Storage in New World is the system players use to store their items. All storage sheds are personal and can only be accessed by the player. Storage sheds can be found in every settlement in Aeternum and are indicated by a chest icon on the map. Storage sheds are not accessible anywhere in the world – rather, they can only be accessed at the actual shed while in the specific settlement the storage shed is located.

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Consumables Guide

A great player in New World is not only skilled in battle, but is also efficiently prepared. Alongside a weapon, the player will find it beneficial to be stocked on consumables, prepared for any altercation. These consumables may be potions that restore health, mana, or both. As well as coatings for the player’s weapon to increase damage dealt versus certain monster types. There are potions that increase damage absorption versus elemental affixes or increase damage absorption versus certain monster types. There is also food that when consumed, grants a buff that increases specific stats for an amount of time or others that gives the player a buff that increases health or mana recovery rates. No matter the situation, there is a consumable that can help.

These are the consumables of New World.

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How To Craft Arrows & Cartridges

There are two weapons in New World that require projectiles: Bow and Musket. The Bow requires arrows and the Musket requires cartridges, both of which are crafted at the Workshop found in a settlement. Both kinds of projectiles can be found in supply crates throughout Aeternum but it is highly recommended that they are crafted with the required crafting materials. This guide will explain to the player how to craft arrows and cartridges as well as the different kinds of projectiles that can be crafted.

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Early Game Gold Making Guide

There are many ways to earn gold in New World and this guide will walk the player through a few of the ways to make a lot of it early on in their leveling experience. Earning gold and maintaining a steady flow of it will allow the player the ability to maximize various quality of life aspects as well the ability to consistently upgrade gear, weapons, and other beneficial items. Keep in mind that the profit earned by the strategies presented in this guide will vary depending on the economy of the player’s specific server; however, these strategies will provide profit regardless. It is very important to keep track of what is going on in the economy because if a player can react fast to a high-demand product, a lot of gold can be earned quickly. The economy will be unstable at launch and these opportunities may only present themselves for a few days at a time.

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Territory Standing Guide

Territories in New World are not only playable areas for players, but they are also dynamic areas of control that will be fought over by companies (guilds) in-game for significant reward. For more information on territory wars and controlling territories, check out our guide here.  As a player adventures through Aeternum, they will be gathering, crafting, completing quests, and slaying their enemies in different territories. While they are performing all of these tasks, a player will begin to accrue territory standing experience. Territory standing experience is a progression system that rewards players for working and contributing to the economy in a particular zone. When a territory standing experience bar is filled, the player will “level up” their territory standing, granting the player access to special and permanent bonuses within that particular territory. Each level, players will be given the opportunity to choose between three different Territory Standing permanent bonuses, these potential bonuses include:

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Choose Your Armor Type

There are three different categories of armor in New World: Light, Medium, and Heavy. The three armor types offer various bonuses, depending on what your character is wearing.

Light Armor is the “DPS” and most mobile armor in the game. Light armor provides the largest dodge in the game while offering a 20% damage bonus. If you want to do as much damage as possible, then light armor is for you.

Meanwhile, Medium armor increases all damage by 10%, which is 10% less than Light armor. However, your Medium armor status enhances your CCs (crowd control) effects by 10%. Also, your dodge turns into a hop, which creates enough space to escape the wrath of your enemy.

Finally, we have Heavy armor. Heavy armor absorbs the most damage of all the New World armor types. However, your dodge doesn’t create as much space as Light or even Medium due to its weight. The trade-off is that the CC effects increase by 20% and your block stability by 15%. Heavy armor is better suited for CC bots, tanks, or other juggernaut frontliners for PvP who want to control the battlefield.