Leveling BuildsSword & Shield

Sword Leveling Guide

The sword and shield in New World brings a brutal combination of defensive/crowd control abilities to the PvP landscape. With abilities like Shield Rush and Shield Bash, the sword and shield can set up some of the nastiest ability combos in the game, or create a lot of space between them and their opponents.

Leveling BuildsWarhammer

Warhammer Leveling Guide

The warhammer is a top tier leveling weapon due to its hefty strong attacks, large crowd control toolkit, and health regeneration mediated by the passive Prevailing Spirit (5). Although players may find the warhammer basic attacks and abilities to have slower animations than other weapons, they will quickly learn to time their abilities correctly and weave abilities and attacks together to make the warhammer a formidable weapon.

Leveling BuildsRapier

Rapier Leveling Guide

The rapier in New World is an agile 1-handed weapon that uses quick strikes to deal massive amounts of damage. With one of the highest melee damage ceilings in the game, while also packing some decent utility, the rapier will be used in combination with many different weapons and see success. Many players will find that the rapier excels in smaller scale PvP rather than large scale combat like territory wars due to its heavy single target nature.

BuildsLeveling BuildsLife StaffWeapons

Life Staff Leveling Build

In leveling, health is one of the most important resources that a player has because it dictates whether a player is alive (functioning) or dead (not functioning). In New World, the life staff is the only weapon that has the capability to directly heal player characters, making it uniquely powerful and positioned well in leveling.

BuildsFire StaffLeveling BuildsWeapons

Fire Staff Leveling Build

The fire staff is a great weapon to use for leveling due to its hard-hitting long-ranged auto attacks, significant AoE potential, and mana management. Although the abilities that are taken in this build do not provide any crowd control, the raw damage output that the fire staff brings is enough to make up for it. Passives like Spell Focus (1) and Flare (5) are both acquired by level 5 mastery with the fire staff, and provide for unlimited damage output and no mana management needed due to heavy attacks no longer causing mana.

BowBuildsLeveling BuildsWeapons

Bow Leveling Build

The bow is a high single target damage weapon capable of annihilating many enemies in a single charged heavy shot when only a few isolated passives have been acquired. With abilities like Evade Shot, Rapid Shot, and Penetrating Shot, the bow becomes capable of destroying many enemies in quick fashion. Although the bow lacks hard crowd control abilities, its sheer power

BuildsGreataxeGreataxe Leveling BuildLeveling Builds

Greataxe Leveling Build

The greataxe is a great weapon to use for leveling due to its wide cleaving light attacks, hard hitting abilities, and use of the ability Charge to move around Aeternum quickly. Although the greataxe has little to no crowd control, the damage and healing that the weapon provides through Reap (3) and Execute (4) will allow greataxe players to work through most content easily, with or without teammates.

BuildsHatchetHatchet Leveling BuildLeveling Builds

Hatchet Leveling Build

The hatchet is a powerful leveling weapon due to its fast melee attack speed, Berserk and its abundance of stacking passives, as well as its hard hitting abilities Feral Rush and Raging Torrent. Players who choose the hatchet will find that Berserk’s 20% flat damage bonus as well as Berserking Refresh and On The Hunt passives help to keep them on their feet and questing quickly.

BuildsIce GauntletIce Gauntlet LevelingLeveling Builds

Ice Gauntlet Leveling Build

The ice gauntlet is a great weapon to use for leveling due to its efficiency, high damage in the form of AoE and single target, and slowing and crowd control capabilities. All three abilities taken in this build affect multiple targets and have great value for any situation that the user might find themselves in. Ice Storm (2) for top notch AoE damage that scales from Punishing Storm (8), Ice Shower (4) for slows and great synergy with stand-alone passives, and Entombed (5) for mana management and safety. This build becomes powerful early on because all three primary abilities are taken by weapon mastery level 5, and you’ll see why.

BuildsLeveling BuildsMusketMusket Leveling Build

Musket Leveling Build

New World MMO’s musket has the potential to deal a large amount of single-target damage from long distance. With its lethal headshot damage and increased damage from long-range, the musket requires a specific playstyle and approach. Once you unlock Shooter’s Stance (3) and Heightened Precision (10), the muskets potential damage output increases exponentially. While leveling with this build, it is important to try and deal as much damage to your enemy before they get close to you. Successfully doing this will greatly decrease the chance you ever take damage.